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• Control panel configurable and expandable up to 8 loops (199 points per loop).
• Expandable up to 20 loops with an additional cabinet.
• All the points are supervised by the control panel, except the loop isolator KABY.
• Capacity for 199 configurable relays per control panel.
• Can hold up to 99 zones per panel.
• Registry with capacity of 4095 events with date and time.
• Delay of supervised sounder output programmable between 0 to 10 minutes, identified as S1.
• Alarm output as free voltage relay not supervised, identified as S2.
• Failure output, delayed and supervised, identified as S3.
• Allowed to connect addressable sounders in the loop.
• Evacuation push-button.
• Backlit LCD display with 4 lines and 40 characters.
• Incorporates multiple languages by default (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, etc).
• Configurable with the PC-EASY CoNET software.
• Connectable to external keyboard (standard PC-PS2).
• Access to the control panel keyboard introducing a numeric code.
• Allows connection of up to 15 repeaters and/or 15 control panels in network.
• MODBUS (on specific request).
• Contact ID (on specific request).
• Cofem Remote.
• Size: 424 x 330 x 140 mm.
• Certified according to EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 and CE mark according to the European Regulation of Construction Products (UE) N°305/2011.