Digital PIR motion detector, immune to pets up to 20 kg in weight



TOPAZ Pet is a motion detector provided with dual element PIR sensor. Owing to the use of a digital algorithm of motion detection and the temperature compensation function, the device is characterized by reliable operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures and immunity to false alarms. High and low sensitivity levels are available, which enables the device performance curve to be perfectly adjusted to requirements of the user and the protected premises. The detector is provided with built-in EOL resistors for easy installation and connection to the alarm system. The device has a red LED to indicate motion detection and a tamper switch to protect it against opening its enclosure.

This small detector can be successfully used in areas where there are pets weighing up to 20 kg. The compact size and attractive design of TOPAZ Pet mean that it blends perfectly into the interior decor of the spaces to be protected, which will certainly be appreciated even by demanding customers.

new-generation digital detection algorithm to ensure good performance
pet immunity up to 20 kg
compensation of temperature
built-in EOL resistors for easy installation
compact and aesthetic enclosure that goes well with most interiors