The MICRA system has been designed primarily for protection of small-sized buildings and facilities such as kiosks, boutiques, holiday cottages, garages and small workshops, but the Micra\’s range of applications can be much wider. Given its compact design, the module can provide mobility for the installation, if necessary. It is therefore a perfect solution for temporary protection of, for example, construction sites.
4 programmable inputs for detectors and technical equipment supervision
inputs mode selection: digital (on/off) or analog (voltage)
dedicate tamper loop input
2 relay outputs controlled locally or remotely (with keyfobs, SMS or CLIP)
remote control receiver supporting up to eight P-2/P-4/T-2/T-4 keyfobs
GPRS/SMS monitoring with events definition
SMS/CLIP personal messaging on selected events
audio verification over telephone via external microphone
local (RS-232) or remote (GPRS) programming