The PERFECTA family control panels are designed to protect small and medium-sized premises, such as apartments, detached houses, segments of terraced houses, offices, small businesses, etc. They provide protection to the requirements of EN 50131 Grade 2.
compliance with EN 50131 Grade 2
from 8 to 32 programmable wired zones:
selectable configuration: NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC
support for roller shutter detectors / vibration detectors
from 4 to 12 programmable wired outputs
2 power outputs on mainboard
built-in modules:
GSM/GPRS with 2 SIM slots (SMS, reporting to monitoring station, mobile application, PUSH notifications)
voice (playback of voice messages for telephone messaging purposes)
audio alarm verification (listening in)
system division into 2 partitions:
3 detection modes in each partition
optional assignment of each zone to two partitions
user control or timer control option
communication bus for connecting keypads (PRF-LCD), expansion modules (INT-E, INT-O, INT-ORS) and 433 MHz keyfob receiver expansion module (INT-RX-S)
system control by using:
PRF-LCD keypads (up to 4)
PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application