Door King Access Plus

The Access Plus line combines essential features of our most versatile solutions with the ease and accessibility of computer programming and control. After installing the Access Plus Account Manager software on your PC, you can connect to the Access Plus system via a direct connection, LAN or the internet and begin to customize the system immediately. Set up time zones, add or delete access codes, set up email notifications, and even lock or un-lock a door with the click of the mouse button.
The Model 1810 Access Plus provides voice communication from the entry point between the resident/tenant and guest.
The 1810 AP is ideal for residential, multi-home, small gated community or apartment house applications. It features a built-in lighted directory that can be printed directly from the Access Plus Account Manager software.
DoorKing’s Access PlusAccount Manager Software is a powerful, flexible and easy to use computer program that allows you to manage access control in a variety of controlled access applications.
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