Metrasens – advanced MRI safety systems

Through its Ferroguard® brand of MRI safety systems, Metrasens is protecting patients, staff and equipment in MRI suites across the world.

Ferroguard leads the field in both advanced technology and superior service.

ThruScan Hand-Held Metal Detectors dX-X

Higher Technical Features to its competitors 

Very High Sensitivity and selectivity – Wide scanning area – Easy to use – Automatic frequency locking – Improved technology

 Auto Calibration – Portable and comfortable cover – Ni-mH or Alcaline Battery (with charging led) – Charger, Belt Holder, Battery, Wrist Stripe included in the set
– Earphone output and earphone (optional) – After sale service assurance – Vibration (optional) Sensitivity : Sensitivity is adjusted by membrane touchpad buttons.