JWM – WM-5000V5

WM-5000V5 system is an updating product on the basis of WM-5000V+; it is with POGO Pin connecter instead of the normal USB port, which makes the device more guard proof and waterproof. With special waterproof pad and adhesive, the reader can work in the water without problem; furthermore, 60000 records can be stored before the next download of data.
WM-5000V5 works with RFID tags; with a simple non-contact swipe, the reader can read information from the tags, and then upload all the patrol records to the management software in a computer by a POGO Pin connecting cable; the information reports can demonstrate the guards’ patrolling activities;

SATEL – MICRA Wireless System

MICRA wireless system has been designed primarily for protection of small facilities.
Possibility to use wireless movement detectors and magnetic detectors provides optimal intrusion control, while wireless smoke and flooding detectors may provide additional security. System operation with remote controls, wireless control pad or a cell phone is simple and intuitive.

Vibsolas Gea – Wireless Portable Solution

Smart portable monitoring

Vibsolas Gea is a wireless portable solution for monitoring and securing belongings, areas and people. Gea has multiple applications for consumers and professionals, from protecting your home to monitoring belongings at a construction site. See below for more use cases.

– See more at: http://www.vibsolas.com/vibsolas/vibsolas-english#resellers

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Metrasens – advanced MRI safety systems

Through its Ferroguard® brand of MRI safety systems, Metrasens is protecting patients, staff and equipment in MRI suites across the world.

Ferroguard leads the field in both advanced technology and superior service.

Digital Control Panel ZAFIR

The Zafir Algorithmic Control Panel is EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 according to the latest CE directives.

The new development of Zafir control panel, allowed integrate all the functionality of an addressable algorithmic system in a reduced-dimension cabinet with capacity up to 398 detectors in 2 loops.

The control panel is totally compatible with the Lyon system, highlighting that loop elements (sensors, manual call points, relay modules, masters, analogue sounders and technical signal modules) have the property of being auto-identifiable, that is to say, all of them can be installed with no need for prior manual encoding, facilitating enormously the assembly and subsequent modifications to the installation.

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Analog Fire Control Panel LYON

The Lyon analogue addressable control panel is EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 standard certified according to the latest CE directives and can succesfully overcome difficult environmental conditions, electrical interferences, electromagnetic radiate upsets, vibrations, etc .

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Premier Elite 24-W Complete Kit

  • 1 x Premier Elite 24-W
  • 1 x Premier LCD Iconic Keypad
  • 1 x Premier Elite SmartKey
  • 2 x Premier Elite XT-W
  • 1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W
  • Frequency Band 868.0 MHz – 868.6 MHz

Premier LCD

  • Premier Elite Series Compatible
  • Premier Series Compatible
  • Green LCD Screen
  • Touchtone Keys
  • Backlighting
  • 2 Additional Zones
  • 2 Programmable Outputs
  • Extension Speaker
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class II

Texecom – Premier 832

  • 8 zones expandable to 32
  • 4 partitions
  • 64 user codes
  • Integrated communicator
  • Wireless expansion
  • Remote control

ThruScan Hand-Held Metal Detectors dX-X

Higher Technical Features to its competitors 

Very High Sensitivity and selectivity – Wide scanning area – Easy to use – Automatic frequency locking – Improved technology

 Auto Calibration – Portable and comfortable cover – Ni-mH or Alcaline Battery (with charging led) – Charger, Belt Holder, Battery, Wrist Stripe included in the set
– Earphone output and earphone (optional) – After sale service assurance – Vibration (optional) Sensitivity : Sensitivity is adjusted by membrane touchpad buttons. 

Guard Tour System – WM500E

WM-5000E2 terminal unit is a very popular product on the market. Small-sized, durability, and low power consumption are its biggest advantages. With unique design and special adhesive, WM-5000E2 reader is total waterproof. The unique design that there is not any screw on the surface makes it super durable. One 3V lithium battery can read buttons 350 000 times continuously. If you need a dependable, tamper-proof data collection system, WM-5000E2 system is the obvious choice.

Premier Elite Keypad

  • Premier Elite Series Compatible
  • Premier Series Compatible
  • Large Blue LCD Screen
  • Touchtone Keys
  • Backlighting
  • 2 Additional Zones
  • 1 Programmable Output
  • Extension Speaker
  • Built-in Proximity Tag Reader
  • PD6662:2010 Grade 3 Class II

Premiere 816

8 Zones Expandable to 16

• 4 Partitions

• 32 User Codes

• Integrated  Communicator

• Wireless Expansion

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